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Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water

The Basingers benefit from three separate solar installations, with a 3 collector solar hot water system installed in 2008, and an 8.5 kW solar electric system installed at their home in Irmo, SC in 2013.  In addition, they have installed solar for their Veterinary hospital.

As featured in our February 2016 newsletter:

South Carolina is currently one of the hottest states for solar in the nation, as a growing awareness of the technology’s benefits converges with the availability of significant utility incentives, making tapping into the Palmetto State’s abundant sunshine through today’s sophisticated photovoltaics a very solid investment for home and business owners alike. As in any great movement, pioneers led the way by modeling change, and Randy Basinger and Louise Burpee deserve recognition for leading the SC solar front. Not only are they early adopters of solar energy, installing a solar hot water system on their home in Irmo in 2007, but  they are also  repeat adopters, with a total of three separate solar projects installed over the past nine years.

Randy attributes their motivation to install their first solar installation to his family’s environmental values. Being able to use produce their household’s hot water, as well as some of the home’s heating, with clean energy fit in with their lifestyle of gardening and keeping laying hens and bees. Two years later, after being pleased with the 3 collector system’s performance, he installed a comparable system at his business, SC Veterinary Specialists, in Columbia, SC. This award-winning facility implemented several green features, along with the  solar energy system that provides hot water for a pool and underwater treadmill used in their rehabilitation department. “Both of these systems have worked well without any input or management from us – they seem to just quietly do their job,” said Randy of these projects.

After their positive experiences with solar thermal systems, Randy and Louise installed an 8.5 kilowatt photovoltaic, or solar electric system, to their home in 2013. The roof’s standing seam metal roof provided easy mounting of the solar panels, as the DP&W solar mount rails could be attached directly to the seam with S-5 clamps. In total, twenty-six high watt density  (327 watt) SunPower modules  were laid out in two rows to maximize energy production on the south-facing roof.  SolarEdges’s DC optimization technology and inverters were opted for to ensure the system’s greatest efficiency.  Randy says that they’ve enjoyed tracking  the system’s performance through SolarEdge’s monitoring dashboard, as well as through their reduced electric bills.  The estimated annual production of 10 megawatt hours of electricity from this installation will  save hundreds of dollars in energy costs, as well as provide significant environmental benefits. An approximate equivalent of 7.1 metric tons of CO2  will be offset in the first year of the system’s operation, according to the EPA’s greenhouse gas calculator. This equates to the amount of carbon sequestered annually by 5.8 acres of pine or fir forest.

In testimony of these projects, Randy stated that “Sundance was very easy to work with.  We initially met with a project planner who educated us about the options and helped us find the ‘economic sweet spot’ given our sun exposure, use, and the state and federal rebates that would apply. After we agreed on a system, the installation process was scheduled. The crews were efficient and friendly and the work was finished as promised. If you are entertaining the thought of going solar – go for it!”

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