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Solar Hot Water

\While this system will greatly reduce fuel costs and displace a significant amount of carbon dioxide, it will serve as a functioning demonstration of the efficiency of solar thermal technology.With its Appropriate Technologies Program, ASU is a leading institution in this region for alternative energy education. Along with other renewable energy projects on campus, this system will help lay the educational foundation that will facilitate society’s understanding of solar technologies, and ultimately, their wide-spread integration.

Solar Hot Water
This 42 collector solar hot water system was installed on Frank’s Residence Hall at Appalachian State University as part of a major renovation that is targeted for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Visible from many vantage points around campus, the array is laid out in two parallel strings. To absorb optimum solar radiation, they are tilted to a 35 degree angle.

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42 4X10 AET Flat Plate Collectors


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